Is overwhelm and worry costing you your happiness?
What would you do if you had less negative thoughts and worries taking over your mind? I created this free course because I'm passionate about helping women conquer their mindset and take ownership of their personal development. If you want simple, actionable steps to getting rid of overwhelm you're in the right place.
Overcome the Overwhelm

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    Torey Schell

    Mindset Coach and Personal Development Blogger

    Who am I?

    Hi! I'm Torey!


    I’m a mindset coach obsessed with helping you to overcome the things in your life that overwhelm you.


    After spending years feeling like I wasn’t in the driver’s seat of my life I started taking ownership of my personal development and completely redesigned my life to one of happiness and fulfillment. It was through this work that I discovered life coaching and decided to get certified.


    Now, it’s my mission to get you to that same place of clarity and happiness.

    What will you learn?

    This free training will provide daily, actionable steps to uncovering what is causing you overwhelm.


    In this course you'll learn...


    • How to reframe negative thoughts
    • What to do with worries
    • An exercise on finding clarity
    • How to simplify
    • What you can do to increase productivity